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Sisters In Success Co. is a low-profit limited liability company, (L3C) dedicated to empower and uplift women of all professional backgrounds. By providing affordable and accessible resources, along with offering an environment of support from other professionals and entrepreneurs.

This is all to eliminate the challenges that women often face while building a business and/or career. 

"The Business that Impacts" 

SIS Co. is in the process of obtaining a building and becoming an education, employment, and entrepreneurship center known as the The Co. Factory. Offering networking events, workshops, and classes to all. SIS Co. will also provide affordable space rental to community members.  

The social problem that SIS Co. addresses are the barriers to economic opportunity for minority women without a college degree and young girls in predominantly low-income areas. By providing opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship through local partnerships, SIS can help women by making a bridgeway for women without a college degree to find a job.

SIS Co. wants to help to decrease the population of  unemployment and homelessness due to income inequality and unequal access to educational opportunities. Overall, increasing the employment recovery from the Covid-19 job recession. Through partnership with other women owned businesses, SIS Co. will be able to help connect women to employment opportunities in a variety of industries and areas.

As for younger girls, SIS offers Stepping Into Sisterhood Organization. Which is a mentor program and step team that strives to teach and nurture teens as they are on their journey towards success. 

Our Past Partnerships

Our Community Reads 

Mentor 2 Youth 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County 

EMU Bright Futures 


Ozone House 

Food Gathers 

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